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Autoimpact Windshield Cleaner

Promotes deep cleaning of the vehicle’s windshield wiper system.

This product was specifically developed to be used in the washer reservoir and to remove the main debris and impurities from the windshield.


  • Manufactured with german technology;
  • Most concentrated product on the market, designed to be diluted in 3.5L of water;
  • The only item that should be used in the windshield washer reservoir;
  • Presentation in 100mL bottles;
  • Biodegradable with neutral pH that preserves the cleaner’s characteristics and does not damage the rubber;
  • Harmless to the vehicle’s paint;
  • High performance;
  • Pleasant fragrance;
  • Does not deteriorate over time;
  • Composition: water, sodium laureth sulfate, fragrance and dye.

*Sanitizing product notified to Anvisa under number 25351.788230/2023-31

Attractive display

  • The only product in the segment where its own box becomes a display;
  • The most attractive windshield cleaner at the point of sale;
  • Easy opening;
  • 12 bottles per display.

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