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The already known quality is now present in the most traditional line on the market

They are steel wiper blades developed to suit vehicles that have a hook and bayonet arm. Serves cars and light utility vehicles to tractors and harvesters.


15 sizes covering more than 869 applications;

PU code is the reference of this line.

Connections and fittings:



*11, 16, 18 and 20 inches have bayonet.

Installation instructions

It’s simple and easy to install your Universal Wiper Blades, watch the video and apply it to your vehicle:

The quality of our
products is reflected in
our packaging

Design by lines;

Easy opening to test the product;

Details of the applications on the back;

Identification of measurements, sizes and fittings;

Illustrated installation manual;

Ruler on the side of the package in inches and centimeters.

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